The art of summer (i hate summer)

Some of the art pieces of Julien Langendorff. Selected collages on paper, 15x21cm.
"Julien Langendorff's work is not only pleasant to look at it is inspired, prolific, and thought provoking ……. his work has the beautiful simplicity and sensibility of an immobile wanderer……..he's obviously been everywhere he's ever wanted to be in his mind and experienced every journey to it's fullest capacity collecting memorabilia that speaks to his various trips an travels and when fucked with in physical form tells the tales of his fantastical journeys….juxtaposing, not juxtaposing,humorous, and serious and once again inspired. Collage art is so ubiquitous and tossed together by tumblr trolls on the regs these days but Julien is no hunter gatherer but a time traveler and that's what sets him apart (along with a myriad of other traits) makes him a badass and totally legit in my book….with love and respect xxx "
Jennifer Herrema

Bad to the Bone – The Art Of Summer

Illustration : Julien Langendorff


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