Sexual Fantasies

Photographer: Smagina Margarita
Creative Producer: Roman Gunt
Stylist: Violetta Sorokina
Makeup & Hair: Polina Elanskaya
Models: Margarita, Semen, Ksenia, Lena, Nastya, Bogdan from LUMPEN, Ivan from JUGEND
Clothes represented by M_U_R

Technologies leads to wrong interpretation of sexuality among young generation in Russia.We lost the most important aspect of sexual fantasies – its naturalism and simplicity. Objects of ourdesires have changed and became superficial. It is time to declare independence of human’s body andits uniqueness. In our project we want to show how human’s body sensual in itself without anyembellishments. Likewise, photographer decided to create her own metaphor – she combined ananalogue photo with digital one to show connection between past and present, an eternal struggle ofhuman being.

Bad to the Bone – Sexual Fantaisies

Photo : Smagina Margarita. Creative Producer: Roman Gunt. Stylist: Violetta Sorokina. Makeup & Hair: Polina Elanskaya


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