"2 Blood Trails, 2 Riffles" est un podcast à travers lequel Lieu Noir avance une sélection de titres nous projetant vers un paysage post-apocalyptic semblable au film Hardware de Richard Stanley.
Par la même occasion, Lieu Noir nous offre en exclusivité "Absent Gods & Dead Immortals", le titre éponyme de son EP à venir en février sur son label PIT (Paso Inferior Tapes).
Cette sélection rend par ailleurs parfaitement compte de la complémentarité des 2 projets de John Z. K.

"2 Blood Trails, 2 Riffles" is a podcast through which Lieu Noir introduces a selection of tracks moving us into a post-apocalyptic landscape similar to Richard Stanley's movie Hardware.
Lieu Noir uses this opportunity to give us exclusively "Absent Gods & Dead Immortals", the eponymous track from his EP to come in February on his own label PIT (Paso Inferior Tapes).
This selection also perfectly reflects the complementarity of both John Z. K.'s projects.
Lieu Noir is the project of John Zion K. better known as Crave.
These two projects complement each other and are indivisible (not in the sense that they cannot be distinguished but in the sense of lastingly associated elements or a symbiosis). Crave tends much more to chaos at the crossroads of industrial music with early Throbbing Gristle influences, power electronics sound textures and the deconstruction of Memphis rap codes (see the new album 'Stabbed In The Jaw and Left Alive' released on PIT). While Lieu Noir prepares building sites through music that is intended to be more industrial electronic with residues of these influences from Memphis like Children Of The Corn.


Bad to the Bone has been founded and is published by Hervé Coutin

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BLANK is a serie of podcasts which have for goal to promote contemporary, experimental and extreme music.

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