Le Nombril du Diable

Lullabies line the path of haunted landscapes, Mutterings beneath the bog,
Synthetic bells that shiver,
A marsh of filth, a pool of frozen water, Quicksand circling in delirious spirals, tadpoles suspended above.

A restless body disengaged and frantic, Footsteps ringing in the dark,
The deer feed on the soured apple-tree, The one that grew too small this year, Their skulls mark the trail through town.

Heavy rain drips down the bedroom walls,
The insects lisp incessantly,
A procession of owls soar past the house,
Beneath the flapping of their wings, the villagers whisper, “Here lies the devil’s belly-button,”
An orchestra erupts in the dark.

Inspired by a water source in a village she knows in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Cardboard Lamb has created a mixtape loosely based on the feeling of exploring the landscape at night.
An old Parish house stands across from an abandoned church. A scythe is needed to cut through an overgrowth of nettles, descending slowly unto a pool of crystal-clear, turquoise water. The pool is ice-cold and dangerous. Slivers of soil swirl above powerful quicksand. It has long been referred to as “devil’s bellybutton” in the region. If you step in, you perish.
Her best friend grows wasabi on its banks.

Inspirée par une source d'eau dans un village qu'elle connaît dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Cardboard Lamb a créé une mixtape librement basée sur la sensation d'explorer le paysage la nuit. Une ancienne maison paroissiale se dresse en face d'une église abandonnée. Une faux est nécessaire pour couper à travers une prolifération d'orties, descendant lentement vers une piscine d'eau cristalline et turquoise. La piscine est glacée et dangereuse. Des éclats de terre tourbillonnent au-dessus de puissants sables mouvants. Il a longtemps été appelé « nombril du diable » dans la région. Si vous entrez, vous périssez. Sa meilleure amie cultive du wasabi sur ses rives.



Bad to the Bone has been founded and is published by Hervé Coutin
Leads by Marie-Emmanuelle Arouet, founder of the independent label Aarte,
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